Retningslinjer for regional statsstøtte 2022-2027


(Under forberedelse) Retningslinjer for regional statsstøtte for 2014-2020

(In preparation) Guidelines on regional state aid for 2022-2027

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Høring om veikart for planlagte retningslinjer igangsatt av Kommisjonen 23.7.2020

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens veikart av 23.7.2020)

The current guidelines for regional state aid set out the conditions under which regional aid may be considered compatible with the internal market and establish the criteria for identifying the areas that fulfil the conditions of Article 107(3)(a) and (c) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). As the guidelines for 2014-2020 will expire, the Commission, with this initiative, is launching their review process.

The regional aid guidelines will be revised based on the preliminary results of the Fitness Check performed by the Commission in 2019/2020 on the existing State aid frameworks.
The regional aid guidelines are planned to be reviewed by the end of 2021 to support the new priorities, such as the European Green Deal, the Industrial and Digital Strategy.

Problem the initiative aims to tackle
This initiative concerns an update of the regional aid guidelines 2014-2020, which include the criteria to establish the regional aid maps and which limit the validity of those maps until end 2020. A limited prolongation of the guidelines and the corresponding maps until 31 December 2021 has been announced (see the separate initiative and press release), meaning that new regional aid guidelines need to be adopted for the period thereafter. All Member States are affected by this initiative. Each Member State will also have to notify a new regional aid map.

The update of the guidelines will be based on the preliminary results of the Fitness Check, which show that the current provisions work well but require some adjustments:

(1) A general simplification of the structure and clarification of the definitions and terminology by aligning them to the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER). In addition, there is an update on the sections of evaluation and transparency to allow consistency across State aid rules.

(2) An update of sector exclusions.

(3) Regional aid coverage, a-areas and predefined c-areas are updated based on the current methodology and most recent statistics on GDP and unemployment, which is in line with the procedure in the last period. The regional aid maps will be valid for the period 2022-2027 with a mid-term review scheduled for 2024.

(4) According to the results of the evaluation, the current provisions on State aid for investments related to new products and new process innovations induce a heavy administrative burden. Since in the full period, only one such case was approved, those provisions were removed.

(5) The maximum aid intensities have been increased to support the European Green Deal and Digital Strategy objectives by enabling additional incentives for private investments.

(6) The five criteria of paragraph 168 of the current RAG have been maintained with a slight Ref. Ares(2020)3880532 - 23/07/2020 simplification for Just Transition Areas.



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