Fellesfortak under forskningsprogrammet Horisont Europa


Forslag til rådsforordning om opprettselse av fellesforetakene under Horisont Europa

Proposal for a Council Regulation establishing the Joint Undertakings under Horizon Europe

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Dansk samlenotat offentliggjort 15.9.2021

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Red.anm.: I henhold til EØS-avtalens protokoll 31.1 vil innlemmelse av forordningen om EUs rammeprogram for forskning og innovasjon implisitt også omfatte avledede rettsakter. Disse rettsaktene krever derfor ikke egne EØS-komitebeslutninger.

BAKGRUNN (fra kommisjonsforslaget, engelsk utgave)

Reasons for and objectives of the proposal

Horizon Europe – the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2021-2027) – aims to increase the EU’s research and innovation impact by combining European partnership co-investment with additional private and public sector funds in areas where the scope and scale of the research and innovation resources can help achieve the EU's Horizon Europe priorities notably, its Pillar II – Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness.

[Article 8(1)(c)] of the Horizon Europe Regulation stipulates that institutionalised European partnerships based on Article 185 and 187 TFEU “shall be implemented only where other parts of the Horizon Europe programme, including other forms of European partnerships would not achieve the objectives or would not generate the necessary expected impacts, and if justified by a long-term perspective and high degree of integration”.

In the Horizon Europe Regulation, the co-legislators have also identified eight priority areas for possible institutionalised European partnerships on the basis of Articles 185 or 187 TFEU. Based on this, a set of twelve initiatives were identified as candidates that were subject to a coordinated impact assessment.

This proposal covers nine institutionalised European partnerships based on Article 187 TFEU, establishing individual joint undertakings for their implementation. In addition, the European Commission also adopted a proposal for an institutionalised European Partnership for high performance computing, based on Article 187 TFEU [COM(2020) 569 final], and it plans to adopt a proposal for a European partnership on metrology, based on Article 185 TFEU [add reference]. Two initiatives – one on cooperative, connected and automated mobility and another one on innovative small and medium-sized enterprises - were also among the initial candidate institutionalised European partnerships. However, the impact assessment process concluded that another intervention form would be more appropriate.