Europeisk audiovisuell politikk i en digital tidsalder


Rådskonklusjoner om europeisk audiovisuell politikk for den digitale tidsalder

Council conclusions on European Audiovisual Policy in the Digital Era

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Rådskonklusjoner vedtatt av EUs kulturministre 25.11.2014

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BAKGRUNN (fra Rådets pressemelding 25.11.2014)

European audiovisual policy
The Council adopted conclusions on the European audiovisual policy in the digital era, addressing in particular the new business environment, access to finance, public funding, media and film literacy, as well as film heritage. Furthermore, the conclusions call for an urgent review of the Audiovisual Media Services directive (AVMS directive) and the modernisation of the EU copyright framework, in the light of digital shift.

These conclusions will be adopted at a particularly strategic moment, since the creation of a "digital single market", which would allow citizens to access audiovisual content on their electronic devices wherever they are in Europe and regardless of borders, is among the top priorities of the new Commission and its president.

The conclusions argue for the respect of three main principles in order to create a competitive European single market for audiovisual content that meets the demand of citizens, content creators and rightholders:

– facilitating supply of high-quality content

– meeting audience demand wherever that audience is; and

– ensuring equal conditions for all audiovisual media service providers.

In times of the rapid technological changes and unpredictable market development, such an approach aims to ensure cultural and linguistic diversity in the converged media and increase competitiveness of the European audiovisual sector.



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