Evaluering av EUs 6. rammeprogram (2002-2006)


Evaluation of the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development 2002-2006

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Rapport offentliggjort av Kommisjonen 19.2.2009

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BAKGRUNN (fra evalueringsrapporten, engelsk utgave)

This report presents the conclusions and recommendations of an Expert Group convened by the European Commission to provide an ex-post evaluation of the rationale, implementation and achievements of the EC and EURATOM Sixth Framework Programmes (FP6). Their combined budget of €19,235m, represents an impressive sum of money which accounts, however, for only about 4% of EU Member States’ combined public R&D budgets.

The Expert Group finds that the achievements of FP6 have been substantial, while recognising that not all of its programme initiatives and tools have proven to be successful. It can find no evidence that plausible alternative approaches would have been more successful in the same timeframe, acknowledging the ambition, scale and importance of FP6.

Given the size, goals and the role of the FP6 on the European research scene, the Expert Group undertook a comprehensive review of FP6, and the conclusions and recommendations are aimed at distilling lessons learned from successes and failures of the FP6 in order to help shaping future FPs as key elements for achieving of the objectives of the European Research Area (ERA).

This evaluation was carried out while the 2008 financial crisis developed into a global economic recession. The analysis of the Expert Group strongly supports the view that investments in research and innovation are the best way to ensure Europe's competitiveness at a global scale.



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