Vaksinering mot sesongbetont influensa


Rådsrekommandasjon 2009/1019/EU av 22. desember 2009 om vaksinering mot sesonginfluensa

Council Recommendation 2009/1019/EC of 22 December 2009 on seasonal influenza vaccination

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Rådsrekommandasjon publisert i EU-tidende 29.12.2009

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BAKGRUNN - I (fra Rådets pressemelding 22.12.2009, engelsk utgave)

Vaccination against seasonal influenza
The Council adopted a recommendation encouraging member states to adopt action plans to improve seasonal influenza vaccination coverage (17268/09). Member states are invited to reach as early as possible and preferably by the winter season 2014/2015 a vaccination coverage rate of 75% for older age groups recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Member states should also try to reach this vaccination coverage rate with regards to healthcare workers.

BAKGRUNN - II (fra kommisjonsforslaget, engelsk utgave)

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection of viral origin, which occurs epidemically most frequently during winter months. Influenza disease usually presents as rapid onset of a typical pattern of combined symptoms, in particular very prominent headache. Mild and asymptomatic cases also occur while recovery from the typical infection normally takes a week. However, many other respiratory infections of viral or bacterial origin will cause similar but rarely all combined symptoms.

Extensive disease often presents with severe or even fatal pneumonia. While these complications can occur in anyone they are far more common among the elderly or in people with chronic underlying medical conditions inducing higher rates of morbidity and mortality. These persons are considered as ‘risk groups’.

This paper is based on two interlinked objectives:

(1) to combat the burden of seasonal flu, and

(2) to adjust the production capacity of flu vaccines in the EU in order that, in the event of a pandemic, the vaccine manufacturers can provide the amount of vaccines needed to cope with such a situation.



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