Fritidsbåtdirektivet 1994


Europaparlaments- og rådsdirektiv 94/25/EF av 16. juni 1994 om tilnærming av medlemsstatenes lover og forskrifter om lystfartøyer

Directive 94/25/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 June 1994 on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to recreational craft

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Red.anm.: Kommisjonen la 26.7.2011 fram forslag til en revisjon av fritidsbåtdirektivet (se lenke over til KOM(2011) 456).

Direktivet for fritidsfartøy (Recreational Craft Directive, RCD, Direktiv 94/25/EC) stiller krav til at alle fartøy med skrog mellom 2,5m og 24m, vannscooter og visse komponenter skal være CE-merket for å kunne selges og benyttes innenfor EU/EØS-landene.


This Directive aims to harmonise the laws, regulations and administrative provisions in the Member States as regards the safety characteristics of recreational craft * and their environmental characteristics.

The Directive apples to three different areas:

* the design and construction of recreational craft, partly completed boats, other personal watercraft * and certain components or parts mentioned by the Directive;
* exhaust emissions produced by propulsion engines * installed on or in pleasure craft and by other personal watercraft;
* noise emissions produced by recreational craft with stern drive engines without integral exhausts or inboard propulsion engines, by personal watercraft and by outboard engines and stern drive engines with integral exhaust.

The directive does not apply to craft such as racing craft, canoes, kayaks or gondolas, surfboards or sailing surfboards, original and individual replicas of historical craft, or experimental craft, nor to engines fitted, or intended to be fitted, to such craft.

Also excluded are craft intended to carry passengers for commercial purposes which are covered by Council Directive 82/714/EEC of 4 October 1982 on technical prescriptions for inland waterway vessels.

Essential requirements and placing on the market

The craft, personal watercraft, components and propulsion engines (hereinafter referred to as "products") must meet the essential requirements with regard to health and safety and the protection of the environment and consumers. The Member States must take all necessary action to ensure that the products can only be placed on the market or put into service if they do not constitute a threat to the health and safety of persons, goods and the environment.

Member States may not prohibit, restrict or impede the marketing or use in their territory of products that fulfil the provisions of the Directive. They shall presume that the products fulfil the essential requirements of the Directive if they comply with the relevant national standards adopted in accordance with the harmonised Community standards.

Conformity assessment
Before the products are produced and marketed, they must, depending on their characteristics, undergo one of the conformity assessment procedures specified in the Directive.

Notified bodies and "CE" marking
Member States must notify the Commission and other Member States of the bodies that they have appointed to carry out the tasks pertaining to the conformity assessment procedures.

The " CE " marking is to be affixed either by the manufacturer or by his authorised representative established in the Community. It signifies that the products comply with the Directive's essential requirements and with the assessment procedures it lays down.

Where the products concerned are covered by other Directives relating to other aspects and requiring the "CE" marking to be affixed, the marking signifies that these products also satisfy the provisions of those other Directives.

Key terms used in the act

* Recreational craft: any boat of any type intended for sports and leisure purposes of hull length from 2.5m to 24m, measured according to the harmonised standard, regardless of the means of propulsion.
* Personal watercraft: a vessel less than 4 m in length which uses an internal combustion engine having a water jet pump as its primary source of propulsion and designed to be operated by a person or persons sitting, standing or kneeling on, rather than within the confines of, a hull.
* Propulsion engine: any spark or compression ignition, internal combustion engine used for propulsion purposes, including two-stroke and four-stroke inboard, stern-drive with or without integral exhaust and outboard engines.



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