Rådskonklusjoner om EUs politikk for det indre marked


Council Conclusions on Single Market Policy

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Rådskonklusjoner vedtatt av Rådet 02.03.2015

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BAKGRUNN (fra Rådets pressemelding 02.03.2015)

Single market policy
Following a debate, the Council adopted conclusions on the single market policy. The outcome of the debate and the conclusions will provide guidance to the Commission for the upcoming internal market strategy for goods and services and the digital single market package, which the Commission is due to present in the coming months.

The debate was structured on the basis of a presidency policy document and a questionnaire inviting ministers to express views on the main existing barriers and bottlenecks in the single market and on the actions and instruments that should be taken up in the upcoming strategies for the internal market and the digital single market.

The 2015 annual growth survey and the investment plan for Europe were taken as reference points in the debate, as they also seek to further reinforce the single market by creating the optimal framework conditions for investment in Europe.



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