Mulige konsekvenser ved liberalisering av EUs visumbestemmelser for Moldova


Rapport fra Kommisjonen til Europaparlamentet og Rådet. Mulige konsekvenser for migrasjon og sikkerhet ved fremtidig liberalisering av visumbestemmelsene for Moldova til Den europeiske union - Foreløpig vurdering

Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council. Possible Migratory and Security Impacts of Future Visa Liberalisation for the Republic of Moldova on the European Union - Preliminary Assessment


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Rapport lagt fram av Kommisjonen 3.8.2012

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens pressemelding 3.8.2012, engelsk utgave)

European Commission supports reforms in Moldova
The European Commission announced today new support of €94 million for the Republic of Moldova. Part of the Annual Action Programme 2012, the new funding will focus on reforming the administration of justice, enhancing local and regional development, improving the system of vocational education and training, as well as preparing ground for the new bilateral agreements with the EU.

In the justice sector, the EU will support the government's efforts to build an independent, transparent and professional justice system able to contribute efficiently to the rule of law and the protection of human rights. With respect to regional development, the programme will help Moldova to reduce the economic and social disparities among regions. In education, the EU will continue to support the reform of the vocational education and training system to adapt it to the actual labour needs of a functioning market economy. Finally, a Framework Programme will provide technical assistance as necessary to help the Republic of Moldova to negotiate and implement its future agreements with the European Union and facilitate its participation in EU programmes and agencies.

Moldova is already an active member of the Eastern Partnership and the announcement of this new support confirms the EU's commitment to further supporting the country's reform process. The EU encourages the Moldovan authorities to continue with reforms and to maintain the ambitious goal of bringing the country closer to the European Union.

The Annual Action Programme 2012 for Moldova is composed of four components:
Support for Justice Sector Reform: to assist the government in the implementation of its reform strategy for the justice sector. This component represents the biggest part of the assistance package adopted today.

Support for vocational education and training (VET) sector: to improve the vocational education and training system in the Republic of Moldova by reforming the relevant institutions and increasing the quality of the learning processes and outcomes to make them more in line with the needs of the labour market.

Pilot Regional Development Programme: to support the Republic of Moldova in advancing its economic, social and territorial cohesion.

Framework Programme in support of the current and new agreements between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova: the Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), as well as the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan.

In total, the Annual Action Programme 2012 provides €94 million of bilateral allocation to Moldova. The assistance comes through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).

The ENPI sets aside annually funds to Moldova and 16 other partner states along the EU's Eastern and Southern borders. The overarching aim of the Instrument is to create an area of shared values, stability and prosperity, enhanced cooperation and deeper economic and regional integration by covering a wide range of cooperation areas.

In addition to the ENPI assistance funds, Moldova also receives funding from the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and other thematic programmes.



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