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Kodeks for god praksis for merking av mat til kjæledyr

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Meddelelse publisert gjennom EU-tidende 8.12.2011

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens pressmelding 8.12.2011, engelsk utgave)

Pet food : Commission publishes labelling code that will benefit millions of pets in the EU
A Code of good labelling practice for pet food is published today by the European Commission. It will allow millions of pet owners across the EU to keep their animals healthy, thanks to improved labelling allowing informed choices on the pet food they buy. Pets occupy an increasingly important role in EU society. More than 70 million households in the Union keep pet animals and thus regularly purchase pet food. The estimated 64 million cats, 60 million dogs, eight million aquaria and other pet animals (estimated at 65 million) consume about 8.3 million tons of pet food every year (for a total value of 13.5 billion €). The code is also expected to help the pet food industry to better cope with the legal requirements.

The "layman's guide" contained in the code will enable consumers to understand pet food labels better and to chose the right food for their animals. The European law on Pet Food was modernised in 2009 and provides for detailed requirements, which have to be met by pet food manufacturers. Product information rules go well beyond the actual label on the product. They also cover product flyers and other means of information including the internet. Claims that might mislead the customers are tackled through a requirement to scientifically substantiate such claims. Additionally, each label must indicate a contact, e.g. a telephone number, in case the customer wants to have more information on the product. Another important advantage concerns the fact that the code assures a harmonised approach: instead of having 27 different national interpretations of the labelling rules, the code gives clear guidance on how the provisions should be applied throughout the EU.

The code represents a success story for co-regulation. It has been prompted by EU legislation and drafted by the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) and finalised in consultation with all interested parties and the experts from the Member States. FEDIAF will gradually provide other language versions on its own website, but the English version shall be the reference text.



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