Evaluering av Haag-programmet for migrasjon


Meddelelse fra Kommisjonen til Europaparlamentet, Rådet, Det europeiske økonomiske og sosiale utvalg og Regionskomiteen: rettferdighet, frihet og sikkerhet i Europa siden 2005: en evaluering av Haag-programmet og handlingsplan

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens meddelelse, engelsk utgave)

Justice, freedom and security are the foundations of a prosperous and peaceful Europe. Building the capacity needed to safeguard these fundamental values is a long term project. Europe also needs the flexibility to respond to unexpected and at times tragic events, such as the terrorist attacks on London in 2005 or the deaths over the past decade of thousands of immigrants seeking to enter EU territory by the Mediterranean Sea. The EU's policies in this area frame how its institutions, Member States and citizens interact with one another and on the international stage.

The Hague Programme []1 has been the EU's blueprint for realising its vision in the areas of access to justice, international protection, migration and border control, terrorism and organised crime, police and judicial cooperation and mutual recognition.

The Commission has carefully monitored the implementation of the Programme at EU and Member State level. [2] Individual instruments have been evaluated by the Commission or by Member States through peer reviews. Drawing from these exercises, this communication highlights the principal themes which have emerged, and looks ahead to how the EU should respond to the challenges of the future. Three longer documents accompany the communication: first, a report on the implementation of the programme which details, policy-by-policy, objectives, significant developments and future challenges; second, an 'institutional scoreboard' which provides an overview of the programme's stated instruments and targets; and third, an 'implementation scoreboard' on implementation at national level.

The priorities for building on what has been achieved will be set out in the next multiannual programme (the Stockholm Programme). [3]

1 The Hague Programme: strengthening freedom, security and justice in the European Union (OJ C 53, 3.3.2005, p. 1), and the Council and Commission action plan implementing the Hague Programme on strengthening freedom, security and justice in the European Union (OJ C 198, 12.8.2005, p. 1).

2 A Commission review of the progress made in the implementation of the Hague Programme by the European Institution and by Member States ("Scoreboard") has been presented every year since 2006. The references are as follows: COM(2006) 333 final; COM(2007) 373 final; COM(2008) 373 final.

3 COM(2009)262



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