EU-høring om falske nyheter og desinformasjon på nettet


Public consultation on fake news and online disinformation

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Åpen konsultasjon igangsatt av Kommisjonen 13.11.2017. Omtale publisert i Stortingets EU/EØS-nytt 15.11.2017

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens pressemelding 13.11.2017)

Next steps against fake news: Commission sets up High-Level Expert Group and launches public consultation

The Commission launched today a public consultation on fake news and online disinformation and set up a High-Level Expert Group representing academics, online platforms, news media and civil society organisations. The work of the High-Level Expert Group as well as the results of the public consultation will contribute to the development of an EU-level strategy on how to tackle the spreading of fake news, to be presented in spring 2018.Citizens, social media platforms, news organisations (broadcasters, print media, news agencies, online media and fact-checkers), researchers and public authorities are all invited to share their views in the public consultation until mid-February. It will gather opinions on what actions could be taken at EU level to give citizens effective tools to identify reliable and verified information and adapt to the challenges of the digital age.The Commission is inviting experts to apply for the High-Level Group on fake news to advise the Commission on scoping the phenomenon, defining the roles and responsibilities of relevant stakeholders, grasping the international dimension, taking stock of the positions at stake, and formulating recommendations. As far as possible, the group should include several representatives of each field of expertise, be it academia or civil society delegate. The Commission aims at a balanced selection of the experts. The call for application is open until mid-December. The High-Level Expert Group is expected to start in January 2018 and will work over several months. Commissioner Gabriel will deliver the welcoming speech at the multi-stakeholder conference on "Fake news" today at 13:00 in the Centre Albert Borschette, Brussels

. The event will be web-streamed here (today) and here (tomorrow). The full press release is available here.



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